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Andrea's Nursing Notes provides study resources to help busy nursing students conquer complex material, ace their exams, and pass the NCLEX exam. 

Also, new nurses and experienced nurses use our resources to  refresh their knowledge and ensure they are providing safe, effective and competent nursing care.


I am so excited you are pursuing your dream of becoming a nurse. Nursing is a wonderful profession and has so many opportunities for individuals who are passionate about helping others. Check-in often because I am constantly creating new resources to help you become an A+ Nursing Student and an A+ Nurse!

Meet Andrea

Andrea is an expert nursing coach and the owner and founder of Andrea's Nursing Notes. She is a master's prepared nurse educator and has 18 years of healthcare experience.  Andrea has worked in the specialty areas of emergency room nursing, endoscopy, medical surgical nursing, long term care nursing, and as nursing administration for both the clinical and educational settings. Andrea is passionate about the quality of nursing care, patient advocacy, and the quality of nursing education. She hopes to inspire future nurses to be the change they want to see in health care. 

Nursing Concept and Care Maps Made Easy with Andrea

Learn everything you need to know to create a stellar nursing concept map and care map.

Study Notes: Fluids and Electrolytes

Learn the "Need to Know" information about Fluids and Electrolytes with this set of study notes. Sample notes available.

Hypovolemia/Hypervolemia Study Notes with Audio

This is a snippet from the study notes of Fluids and Electrolytes. Review the causes, signs/symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments, and nursing considerations for hypovolemia and hypervolemia. This product includes a printable PDF download and a downloadable MP3 audio lecture.

How to Answer NCLEX-Style Questions Masterclass

Learn from master's prepared Nurse Educator and owner of Andrea's Nursing Notes, Andrea Rashad, as she shares her blueprint to analyzing NCLEX style questions, selecting the best answer choice (even when you are not sure about the content), and passing your nursing school exams. In this masterclass, you will learn: ✔️The composition and analysis of multiple choice questions ✔️How to identify the stem and the importance of recognizing the true stem ✔️How to identify keywords and their impact on the question ✔️How to identify Positive and Negative responses ✔️Proven strategy for answering the dreaded select-all-that-apply questions NCLEX style questions are the basis for all exams in nursing program. Most students have not been exposed to this type of testing and often fail their first major nursing school exam. Finally, you can learn the secrets to decoding each question type, practice proven strategies and techniques for selecting the best answer and feel confident in taking your nursing exams or the NCLEX itself to become a licensed nursing professional! So what are you waiting on? If you have questions about this or any other Andrea's Nursing Notes product, please email
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Super Easy ABG Interpretation

Learn everything you need to know about interpreting arterial blood gas results